After a run one morning, I was stretching in the driveway and the thought came to me: "Life is Like a Run." I wrote it down and began to draw numerous parallels between the two. In the interceding days, weeks, and months I thought about this message more and more and I determined that I would share it with people I care about and people who care about running.

Over time I developed a design and worked toward getting some shirts printed. When the first order of shirts arrived, I was elated! That night I wore my new shirt for the first time and felt a sense of accomplishment as I realized that I had made my idea into something tangible.

The next morning, I ran 6 miles with snow on the ground, blue skies, and a stiff, frigid headwind. As I made slower progress than I would have liked, I thought: "Life really is like a run...many times it's more important that you do it than how (fast, gracefully, perfectly, etc.) you do it." There's always room for improvement, but you can't improve upon something you haven't started.

Life is Like a Run was founded on the premise that runners have something in common. We have common experiences, common challenges, common struggles, and common triumphs. It’s about each of us, and all of us.

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Best wishes in the miles ahead!

Jason Cox
Founder, Life is Like a Run